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Secrets that hide the stars

Charlize Theron
The secret: his mother killed the father of actress on her eyes
For years, Charlize short notice in an interview that "her father was killed in a car accident when she was 15 years old," and offered to change the subject. Scandals, drunken antics father-tyrant and tears of a mother - Oscar-winning actress childhood spent near Johannesburg, was not bright. But the main reason that Charlize was trying to forget about those times - a great family quarrel, during which the mother, trying to protect himself and his daughter, shot and killed his father.
The parents of actress bred ostriches. On the farm his father often came home drunk, and not only with his fists, but with a rifle, which had threatened her household. One day, he really pulled the trigger, but his mother at the last moment was able to take a rifle on himself and his daughter ...
Leighton Meester and the Boris Moiseev mystery: was born in jail Who would have thought that the star of the show "Gossip Girl" Leighton Meester and the Boris Moiseyev might have something to unite! However, they were both born in prison. Leighton's mother was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug smuggling, and mother of Boris was a political prisoner. "I was not born in prison and the hospital where my mother was taken with the beginning of labor, - Layton insisted in an interview. - While my mother did not get early release, I was brought up by her grandmother. But I had a normal life. "Boris Moiseev recalls his appearance into the world more peaceful. "I was born in prison, a single woman - it's true - he admits. - In prison, my mother came in 1953 after a party meeting at some of the plant responded sharply to the leader of the local cell. "
Lera Kudryavtseva Mystery: second husband was in prison for the rape and plunder While leading the project, "ex-wives club" told me that her husband, businessman Matthew Morozov, "disappears in the permanent mission", he actually served another term in prison for fraud Butyrskaya ... Valerie and Matthew met at the auto shop, where the presenter was buying parts for the machine. Then she did not know that this store was opened by her lover, coming out of prison for rape and robbery, and the wedding they will play on the money earned by cheating customers (buyers ordered the spare parts catalog, have made an advance payment of up to 100%, and after found, that the store is closed). In addition to economic crime (fraud by means of a straightforward businessman, earned more than 12 million rubles), Lera former spouse was in prison for crossing the border with forged documents.
Jack Nicholson Mystery: actor's sister was his mother, Jack Nicholson grew up without a father - he brought his mother and older sister. What a shock it was for him to know that his sister was actually his mother ... and the beloved mother ... grandmother! Shocking details that could not dream of Jack, even in the nightmare, dug by Time Magazine in 1976. According to the newspaper, mother of Jack - a stripper in a nightclub - became pregnant too soon, and, afraid that is not yet ready for motherhood, gave his grandson his grandmother. Women have come up with their story of Jack the appearance of the light, which he firmly believed up to 37 years, until not decided to read the latest press article in Time ... and saw "potential fathers" of the famous actor. Immediately the two men began to seek a meeting with Jack, claiming that they took care of his mother back in 1936 and did not know about his birth. But "abandoned son" refused to take a DNA test and asked to leave it alone.
Teri Hatcher mystery: was raped by uncle in '24 star of "Desperate Housewives" hiding a terrible secret from everyone - in early childhood, she suffered a terrible injury. Only when in 2002 the year of her uncle, Richard Stone, appeared in court on charges of several (!) Cases of sexual abuse of minors - she made the main prosecution witness. "Years later, I forced myself to forget about that awful day - admitted Terry. - However, after learning that a child has suffered, no longer able to remain silent. Richard must stop. "The actress said she was raped by her uncle in his early childhood at the age of 5 years. Baby was too scared to report it to parents, and for many years kept a terrible secret in themselves. Richard was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison, where in August 2008, died of cancer.
Tobey Maguire Mystery: actor father robbed banks, "Spider-Man" has never recognized, but a few years, he greatly offended ... by his father. How could an actor, whom the tabloids called "the chief crime fighter," said his father, Vincent spent two years in prison for robbing a bank! In 1993, driven to desperation disease (doctors mistakenly diagnosed him with stomach cancer) and poverty (on his neck, sat two young nephews), Maguire Sr. decided to commit a crime. However, the robbery - too big word for what he did. Going into the nearest bank in his home town of Reseda, he handed the cashier a note: "I ​​have no money, I'm dying from cancer." An employee of the bank was so shocked that he immediately took the package and began to put wads of money into it. To the house, Vincent "stolen" and did not carry - on the eve of his officers were waiting.
Secret of Oprah Winfrey: a baby at age 14 "most influential woman," according to Forbes magazine for twenty years to hide that at age 14, became a mother. And who knows, ever came out this story out, if not the sister of TV presenter opened the heart to press for a modest fee of 19,000 dollars. A little Oprah was very worried parents' divorce, so when my mother found her new dad - took it as a betrayal. It was rumored that his stepfather mistreated stepdaughter - raised her hand and even raped. The girl is constantly running away from home, slept on the street, but in 14 years - became pregnant. The child was born prematurely and died a week later in hospital. "In my life happened a lot of things wrong - admitted to Oprah, shaken by the betrayal sister. - She seems stuck a knife in my back. It seemed to me that everything will start to show on my finger to condemn. But no one said a word. I was shocked ... "
Angelina Jolie Mystery: The former lover of the actress was godmother of her twins with actress Jenny Shimizu Angelina linked not just friendships. In 1993 - long before the civil marriage with Brad Pitt and the title of "most Hollywood mothers with many children" - young women attributed to a passionate affair. A couple of years ago, Jenny, in an interview said that "continues to meet with Angelina." "Our relationship had long since moved beyond the purely sexual - she admitted - we share a deep emotional connection." As if agreeing with the words girlfriend, Angelina asked her to become godmother to twins Knox and Vivienne. Curiously, Brad supported the decision of the beloved, but insisted that the cross was his best friend Bono.
Woody Allen mystery: he married his own step-daughter, "My happiness and my curse" - Woody Allen called the scandal, which erupted in 1992. One morning the wife of a civil director Mia Farrow found in the drawer of the desk photos of naked underage adopted daughter Soon-and Previn. A shocked woman immediately called the Board of Trustees ... "I know that doing bad ... But not with a woman I was not so good!" - To justify the 62-year-old filmmaker in an interview. According to him, he fell in love with a young Korean woman at a glance. Having endured a storm of public censure and waiting for a girl of age, Woody and Soon-made, which is younger than his 35 years, a marriage proposal. Sweethearts married in Venice, December 23, 1997, and has since lived together, raising two adopted daughters.
Lucy Liu secret: as a child when she worked at the factory for a role in the TV series "Ally McBeal" producer set for a young actress condition in the shortest possible time to learn English - Lucy was not frightened in her life she had to deal with more complex work. His parents emigrated to the future star in the U.S. from China, and the first time barely making ends meet. In order to cope with poverty, they were ready for everything, even to arrange his little daughter to the factory for the production of pajamas. "I was only 11, - with a shudder recalls Lucy. - I worked in a factory as adults. In the evening barely dopolzala to bed and early to get up again at the bench to bring home a couple of dollars ... "


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